Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Wolf Moon of 2010

This is a series of photos I took last night of the moon, nestled in the leaves and limbs of my trees. Intentionally, I tried to put the moon in positions where it would look like an illuminated egg or orb within the trees.

It is said that the Wolf Moon comes once a year in January in the Northern Hemisphere, and we are in the United States. Tides were at their highest as a result of this moon being closer to the earth than any other time during the year.

I then took the photos and worked with them to turn them into my impression or expression. Where fuzzy, it was intentionally. Where pixelated, also intentional.

I hope you enjoy my little short. I used the haunting title song from the Thomas Newman score for the film White Oleander. He is a great composer and I hope to play his music on my piano someday.


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