Friday, February 5, 2010

My Garden to Remind me Spring is Coming

To see this video I made in larger format click on the icon at the bottom of the video screen with the four arrows pointing outward. The video is already in HD.

Yesterday I went through all the seeds I collected last fall. The problem is, sometimes I find seed pods ripe on plants in parking lots and elsewhere, I take a few and when I get around to packaging them up I forget what plant it came from. So, there are many times I have no idea what a plant is until it flowers. Maybe it's fun!

I expect a very nice wildflower spring here in Austin, Texas. We've had quite a bit of winter rain and I don't recall when the ground has been completely dry. Let's hope it continues through the spring and then without incident of tornado's we have nice slow rain all through the spring and summer. Doubtful, but I can always hope.

I've included my wildlife certificates, they are not that easy to get and I encourage people to try and leave a bit of room in their gardens so wild animals can have some room. We move in, dig their habitat out, then kill them. Not good. Please be kind to all living beings and don't kill anything.