Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This New Yorker I'll Miss Always

What more is there to say of this genius of himself. He is and always be the king of the comedic, long stream of consciousness. His rants using current expressions and making them look oh so silly will never be outdone by any other.

George was one of my most beloved comics. I had the honor of seeing him in Austin, Texas at the Paramount Theater some years back.

He was not from the school of "holding back," or "sugar coating it!" Topics ranged from how our country of the United States was a big sham, to the depths of people's beliefs in a man in the sky, "...and he needs MONEY!" One of the more hard to hear rants was how he felt about suicide. I remember sitting in the audience cringing for anyone who possibly had a child, spouse, parent or friend who just committed suicide and how that would not be very entertaining to them. It was not meant to be funny at all. He was rather serious about it. He took risks, big risks.

All the reports and all the hacks coming out of the woodwork on all the blather shows are saying how wonderful he was, and they're right. Bill Maher said on Larry King, "I know he died a happy man." How does he know that?

After all is said and done George Carlin was a man who grew up in my city of New York. He attended the same schools in Spanish Harlem my mother attended. They lived a few blocks from one another. There's something about home grown New Yorkers. There is an intelligence about them; maybe their ability to understand and have a wide swath of comedic prowess. One thing is for sure, we know how to laugh at ourselves and George Carlin was always there to count on that.

HBO will run all of George's HBO Specials. For a schedule see:


I will miss him...

Find a good human rebirth George!

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mark said...

He was as close to a comedic God as you can get. Happy Trails, George!