Friday, June 13, 2008

In memory of a beautiful sentient being...

Sometimes, many times, I find it hard to breath knowing there is so much unnecessary suffering in the world.

This is a beautiful being, tall, strong, with eyes which jet into my deepest potential of a human being. His eyes penetrate and I find it hard to understand that, although this animal was treated as if he were the king of the greatest country in the still didn't last.

Barbero. Beautiful, shiny, love. I never met him, but I am plagued with this connection and truthfully unhealthy attachment to animals and their suffering.

I'm still the only person on my block who lets the rats live, the opossums nose around at night with the armadillo who roots out my prize plants. I don't care. It's theirs to have. Why is it so easy to make such offerings to animals, yet near impossible to make offerings to human beings; also suffering. I work on it and I do my best, but I still get in my own way.

I suppose this entry is coming from the contents of my mind as I watch a world in crazy ruin. I watch my own country of America becoming something I didn't sign up for. There are people starving in my country. The United States is owned by other countries, but we still have the ability to cover it up. How does that happen. Aren't we educated in this country of ours? How will the elderly people who live up in Wisconsin pay for heating oil this winter? Even more horrible, what will happen to the people who are already working three jobs get to work when they can't afford the gas to get there? Are there answers? Is this all just collective karma? Why am I seeing this before my eyes? Are you my mother?

I guess I sound depressed, but I'm not. I'm actually quite awake. When Thelma says to Louise, "L'weeze, you awake, cus I feel awake." It's that turning point, the cusp. How long do we have to marinate in our juices before we wake up? Why are there so many questions? I feel like Lucy in "I Am Sam."

We're landing on Mars, fixing toilets on space stations, rigging voting machines, hanging chad(s), creating new versions of Grand Theft Auto instead of Grand Hydrogen Auto.

So much wasted time and energy, including my own blog, of course. I think three people may read this, and two of them are my mother and husband, so feh!

Oh, and I have to get a new windshield wiper arm because a few weeks ago when I fell on concrete (!) I tried to use it as a handle and it came off. Everyone should have such problems. I pray everyone has one huge problem; that they need a new wiper blade.



Sita said...

I read it too.

Wangmo said...

Cool! I get intense, but I know no other way to be. I hope the world can dig out. It's getting pretty deep.